Need a good Chat app.

I need a good multi featured chat application for my website, but don't want to go with the free ones offered all over the net ie. (don't want to see other's banners, don't want users to be able to jump other chat rooms.)

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dnoelppConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just did a quick search and found a number of interesting sites!

1. Some chat applications, some chat rooms (I know you are not interested in chat rooms, just ignore them and look only at the free apps!)

2. A server-side software which works with Applets or HTML

3. A Chat Applet/Server

4. And I myself programmed an HTML/Javascript chat which works very well for me! It runs with a few JSP and one servlet and uses a new trick to avoid the nasty refreshing of HTML pages. No refreshing! It still is in development and not bug free. Ask me!
SO what are u willing to pay?
Hi JimmyJoe

Try this

jimmyjoeAuthor Commented:
>>Try this


That is a search site...
No there is a chat program available for you.
Could try that

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