Outlook Express 6 will not load (corrupted msoe.dll?).

I have Windows Me with beta IE6 and OE6.
I upgraded to OE6 because OE5.5 would not display
the text of a message; only the header.

Now that I have OE6 I only get a error message saying
that msoe.dll can not be loaded.

I have removed and reinstalled once with no change.

I did however notice that once OE6 is installed and
the pc is rebooted there are error messages displayed
about not finding msoe.dll and oeimport.dll.

Just for fun I downloaded a copy of msoe.dll for OE5
and made my file msoe.sav.  It actually tried to
run but of course halted once the OE5 splash screen
appear and the version mismatch came into play.

I've searched Microsoft.com endlessly without finding
anything as far as a patch or fix.

There is atleast one other message on this site
that is similar to this problem but the other person
is using Win Office 2000 I believe.

Thanks in advance.

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tengageConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That was from article Q272265, but it may help you out

Here's another article which may help, but there's not a whole lot of KBASE articles on OE6.

This article refers to different versions of Outlook Express files
located in the C:\Program Files\Outlook Express folder because of the
installation or uninstallation of different Outlook versions.

jammtcAuthor Commented:
I actually think this is a 200 pointer but
I or course only have 50.
that is the only time I have seen the behavior that you have listed is with Outlook 2000 when the beta version of IE6 has been installed.
So you get the messsage that MSOE.dll could not be found no matter if you uninstall IE6 and reinstall it?  The MSOE.DLL is the core file for OE and it has to be the right version for outlook express to work and have no corruption.  I would try to reinstall IE 6 once more to make sure that was not the case with the originall install that you done of IE6.  
What happens when you restore the previous version of IE and OE back to 5.5?
One other question about the behavior before the upgrade, what the text not displaying on all messages or was it just ones that would have been plain text.  If that is the case it could be a file called MLang.dll that could be causing it.  
the best option of finding anything from the MS web site to help you on this is the news groups there is not going to be any patches available or support artilces for IE6 until the product is released.  It is still beta so they are still working on getting the bugs out.

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jammtcAuthor Commented:
I will take your advise and try a complete reinstall of
IE6 and OE6.
I've tried uninstalling OE6 and reinstalling it with no

I have not trying going back to IE5.5 or OE5.5; I have
just loaded Winme upgrading from old Win95 and I would
have to piece-mill IE5.5 or OE5.5 back on any order to
go back.

When I had OE5.5 installed it ran well and downloaded
messages from the server quickly.  It only displayed all
message headers though. No body or text display on any
of the received messages.

The info was there because I selected a message and
looked under properties/message source and I could see
the message; of course it was not formated.

1. Use Registry Editor to view the following registry key:
   Delete the 100 subkey folder if it exists, and then quit Registry Editor.
2. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click
  Add-Remove Programs.
3. Click the Install/Uninstall tab, click to select the Microsoft Outlook
  Express 5 check box, and then click the Add/Remove button.
4. When you receive the following message, click Yes, click Yes to continue, and
  then click Yes to restart your computer:
   Uninstall requires at least Internet Explorer 5 to work correctly. If you
  continue, setup may not be able to restore the previous version of this
  application. Do you want to continue?
5. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click
  Add-Remove Programs.
6. On the Windows Setup tab, click to select the Microsoft Outlook Express check
  box, and then click Apply.
7. When you are prompted, insert the Windows 98 CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive,
  click OK, and then click OK.
jammtcAuthor Commented:

Last night I used restore in Winme and got back
to OE5.5 and IE5.5.

This of course means I have a new problem.

OE5.5 works but when it receives or sends new messages
it does not display the message body; only the header.

I will close out the question about OE6 as it is
beta and if I can't figure out what's going on with
OE5.5 post another question.

Thanks to you and Jondexter for your excellent efforts.
I commend you and all of the other BRAVE beta testers.  I just don't have enough machines

(although I did load IE6 on my production box)
jammtcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment.

I guess now I can venture into uninstallling and
reinstalling OE5.5.

This seems to be an never ending cycle.

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