SQL server in COBOL?

I am trying to write an application that uses SQL server in Fujutsu Cobol 3.0.

I created the DSN in ODBC, wrote the code, but when I run the program it says that the file f3bhopas.dll is missing.
When I turn off(comment) the code related to the DB, the error message vanishes.
When I uncomment it, it comes back.

I downloaded and redownloaded the Cobol from their site and its installation simply doesn't have the option not so install something.

Please help
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jrspanoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
maybe you need something specific to use the sql server.  do they have another download with data access stuff in it?  You might also send them an email or look in a knowlege base if they have one.
do you have the f3bhopas.dll on your system?  I would guess that the dll is needed by the cobol to do database stuff.  do a search for the dll.
duke_nAuthor Commented:
I did.
it is nowhere to be found (I searched everywhere - even in the irrelevant places)
duke_nAuthor Commented:
hmm, interesting idea.
I shall check it out
duke_nAuthor Commented:
Hehe, I snooped their site, and found a support mail link.

I mailed them and they replied that the version they put on the site is old and free for academic and educational purposes, and therefore they decided to cripple it additionally as well; and if I wish to use SQL, I could buy the new fully working version for just a few Big ones :)

anyway, thanks for your help
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