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How can i configure a user account to have access to 2 different mailboxes? I mean, i have the user 'jhon' and i want him to be able to check the and the mailboxes. The default "online" mailbox will be and the other mailbox will be checked eventually. I'm using Outlook 97 and Exchange Server 5.5, Thanks.
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Just give the permission to jhon in sales mailbox properties as primary NT logon account.  Then you can check as said above or you can also check by selecting in outlook file->Open Special Folder -> Exchange Server folder -> sales (mailbox name) & ok.  This will also open.

Give jhon's NT account ownership permissions to both mailboxes.

Log into his/her primary mailbox

In Outlook, click on View-Folderlist to display folders in the middle pane (if not there already)

In Outlook, click on Tools-Services and select the "Microsoft Exchange Server" entry and click "Properties"

Click on the Advanced Tab

Click the ADD button in the section labeled "Open these additional mailboxes" and type in sales.

Click Apply, Ok and Ok again to return to the user inbox

On the folder list, you should see two mailboxes at this point:

+Mailbox - JHon
+Mailbox - Sales

Your user can read the Inbox, Sent Items, etc, etc...
pitagorasAuthor Commented:
Thanks Temlock, your answer works but i think Hdoss answer  fits better to my needs. Thank you Hdoss.

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