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Speed Stream and Cisco - L2TP connectivity

Does anyone know where I can get a good howto or working setup of configuring two sites connected to the Internet, LAN to LAN, running speedstream dsl router on site A and cisco running on site B.

I'm planning to setup a network so that they will use the Internet as the transport for the LAN-to-LAN.


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I don't think that the speedstream router is compatible with the Cisco running IPSEC VPN software to enable you to establish LAN-LAN VPN tunnels. There is another solution, the Cisco 3002 VPN client device that has optional 8-port switch built in that sits behind the Speedstream:



Depends on the IOS version that you have, but this might help:


rcamaraAuthor Commented:
What makes it not compatible? I saw a sample config of two cisco routers back to back using ipsec. From the explanations that I saw, it looks that they will be able to communicate just like, cisco support pre-shared, hash sha, and 3des encryption and also group 2 which is enabled in speedstream, which is also supported by cisco. Group is the 1024.

Please enlighten. Thanks.
I simply made an assumption because I could not find anything about the speedstream on Cisco's web, and the only speedstreams I've seen are very low end that do not have IPSEC running on them. If it does support DES encryption and the same hashing algorythm, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
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I've searched Nortel's web site for documentation on the Speedstream routers and came up empty-handed, although I did read in one of the brochures that it was "VPN ready".

All SpeedStream models:

Secure Collections  
There are no secure document collections for this product at this time.

Technical Bulletins  
There are no technical bulletins for this product at this time.

Release Notes  
There are no release notes for this product at this time.

Reference Guides  
There are no technical reference guides for this product at this time.

Technical Documentation  
There are no technical documents for this product at this time.

If you have the book that came with it, you've got all the information there is..
rcamaraAuthor Commented:
Ok. Looks like SpeedStream isn't always bought. :-)
Thanks for the info.
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