Help needed writing a Word 2000 (SDI) type interface

Has anybody out there written a Word 2000 SDI type interface in Delphi? What I am trying to do is convert an application that currently uses MDI into an SDI application. What I want is the same Window menu and ability to launch new instances of my main window without running a seperate version of the application.

Are there any components/examples out there?

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MarcGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can make it with a minimized form, only see an icon in system tray or so.
did you try to just create a new instance of you main form ? like form2 := TForm1.create(nil); and than add an entry with the caption Form2 to a 'windows' menu and when selecting it : ...
oh, form2 should be declared as Tform1,
var form2 : TForm1;

or to make it without having to declare a certain number of forms ...

MyForms : array of TForm1;
Create a dynamic array of Tform1.
and to add a new instance:

if Length(MyForms) = 0 then
  SetLength(MyForms, 1)
  SetLength(MyForms, Length(MyForms)+1); // Set the number of entries in array
MyFomrs[High(MyForms)] := TForm1.create(nil);//add new instance

at the end you have to free all instances again

var x : Integer;
for x := 0 to High(MyForms) do
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oh, for nobody to complain, SetLength(MyForms) could be made like this too
SetLength(MyForms, Length(MyForms)+1)
thornton_paulAuthor Commented:
The problem with this seems to be that you still have to have one master form. If you close the master, you lose all the other instances. What I'm trying to do is have each form act independantly, but with the ability to do the normal MDI stuff like arranging and selecting forms from a menu on each form.

Does this make sense?
Why not simply start another instance of your app.
The Jedi Code Library ( has a unit (JclAppInstances) where the instances can signal each other. There should be also a sample application.
I think it is not possible that there is NO main window in Delphi without running a seperate version of you programm. The unit mentioned by robert might be the thing for you.
The problem with the master form can be solved. Simply have an empty and invisible master form. It only serves as owner for the SDI forms. The master counts the childs and the childs signal the master when they quit. If there is no child remaining the master quits.
hm, that's also a way ...have form1 as master and form2 as class for all windows that are seen.
Didn't come to that myself ...
? the mainform must not have a form, just a logic to count its childs, and closes itself, if the last child is closed
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