Using an .avi file on a visual Basic Form

I am developing a VB Desktop application. What i want is that when the exe file is run, a form should run a .avi file. after the file has ended, the start up form (or the main form ) my project should be loaded. I have tried using Component (Microsoft Active Movie Control) but am unable to achieve the desired result. Thanks in advance to everybody who send a solution
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AndrewDevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Example using the Microsoft animation control

Your solution

Visit my website and download the Digital Diary program

It has the code for playing an avi file

If you cannot understand the code Please tell me I will explain it to you
there's load of samples for using a AVI from VB out there....

Just look at and try something like 'AVI sample VB'

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I used the MMControl like this in a command button.

Private Sub cmdVideo7_Click()
Dim dbName As String
    dbName = App.Path & "\video7.avi"
    MMControl7.Visible = False
    MMControl7.Notify = False
    MMControl7.Wait = True
    MMControl7.Shareable = False
    MMControl7.DeviceType = "AVIVideo"
    MMControl7.FileName = App.Path & "\video7.avi"
    MMControl7.AutoEnable = True
    ' Open the MCI WaveAudio device.
    MMControl7.Command = "Open"
    MMControl7.Command = "Play"
End Sub

If you change some of the properties and put it under the form load I think it will play the avi file when the form loads.
Try altering my code and putting it under the form load.
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