How can I put a bitmap to the window without its back color?

If you have a sample project,please send it to,OK?

Thank you!
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AndrewDevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A selection of sub routines and functions dealing with bitmaps. Straight copy, Transparent copy, Center, Tile, Stretch, Shrink, and Move. Very handy and straightforward utility for any code working with bitmaps.

The Transparent copy may do what you want.
Good Luck
Perhaps if you could explain what *exactly* it is you're looking for.

PS - Experts-Exchange is a **knowledge sharing** site. Therefore, we don't send projects to e-mail addresses. We post solutions here within the question thread.

If I have a solution for you that is complex, I will create a project for you, zip it up, put it on my web site, and provide a link to it here, so that other participants can also benefit from the knowledge. (And if any other experts read this, I suggest they do the same).

But never mind that. It's not clear what exactly it is you want to do. Can you elaborate?
I think u mean u want a transparent background, so if u have a .gif format file or an icon it will be transparent itself
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Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantCommented:
turbosoftAuthor Commented:
to ahmadpj:

Yes,gif and ico can provide a transparent background,but I

have to make a bitmap to have a transparent background,how

can I do it?
See the transparent copy in the link I posted above
Yes, like AndrewDev example..
turbosoftAuthor Commented:
I copied the example code to my project,but it doesn't

work well,I have upload my code to,please help me to

modify it to work well,OK?

Thank you!
Hi turbosoft,
It appears that you have forgotten this question. I will ask Community Support to close it unless you finalize it within 7 days. I will suggest to:

    Accept AndrewDev's comment(s) as an answer.

turbosoft, if you think your question was not answered at all or if you need help, you can simply post a new comment here.  Community Support moderators will follow up.

EXPERTS: If you disagree with that recommendation, please post an explanatory comment.
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