how to copy only updated files

i am new to linux . i want to copy the files from /home to /usr/backup but the condition being that only the files which are modified in the last week in the /home only to be copied to /usr/backup directory. could someone suggest how to do this.
thanks for the help

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garbouaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there isn't such a thing as an unusual question. this is a knowledge share extravag... so you should always ask and try stuff.  
you know there are better way of backing up your system or directories without going through all this stuff, and you can even automate it so it will run as part of system crons, crons==scheduled task.
as i was saying, there are plenty stuff out there.  one tool most people use, and will come in very handy, is "tar"
tar works like winzip, but more flex and powerfull.  You can give it a path to say /home/suff and run it every week, it will only update those files that have been changed.  tar produces a , DAHHH, tar file and usually you give it .tar
You might know this, but the first thing you do, to get the hang of this linux, nd even unix, thing is get familiar with the "man pages"
if you type " man tar"  you will get almost everything you need about tar.  man pages works for all linux commands and even user deffined app.   so if you have a command on you system, there is probably a man file for it.
that being said check the online man page for tar.

this is a step by step documentation that will help you understn and use tar will all kind of options how-to.

understan cron it will come handy to administer your box.

you can use the find command
find /home -atime -7 -exec cp -p {} /usr/backup \;
the -atime option specified number of days and you can even use the +N -N to copy files changed within a range of time.  cp -p will copy the files and keep their permission intact.
use the don't forget the "\;" at end of command.
Oh there is a space between the } and /usr/backup.
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i will try this and get back to u if i have any problems

thank u.

could u please expand the usage of +N and -N in the copy usage.

Thankk you

i have tried the option it works fine for the directories,
but for files under directories even if it is modified some time before 7 days also it is copying.

I have  a dir test and files file.1 file.2 and file.3
if file.2 and file.3 is modified as on feb 26th bu the dir test is modified as jun14 even then while copying it is coyoing the file.3 also. How should i restrict that

Thanks for the reply

do a man on "find"
"find ./  -type d " will look for directories
'find ./ -name "*" ' will find all files
the rule for for using the plus and minus:::::::::::::
when you do -atime and give it a minus "-"  it start at present time.  so -atime -7 will give you all files accessed past 7 days.  OKAY, now, -atime +7 will give you files that are OLDER than 7 days, meaning it will ignore every thing you accessed the past 7 days.
do if you do a find -name "*" -atime +45 will result in "your case" file 2 and file3
if you only want to copy i assume file1,
find /path -name "*" -atime -14 -exec cp -p -f {} \;
this will copy all from jun 1 until now.
sudarshankrAuthor Commented:
i am using the same with -mtime since i wish to backup the
files which are changed since last week. HOpe that is working fine . Thank u very much for the assistance.

how to copy the files along with the directory contents.
If i am asking some unusual question please let me know



sudarshankrAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help and i will surely get back to u if i face any problem with the tar for more help

thanks a lot



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