I have a quiestion for You

I'm using oracle 8.i
and delphi 4.

in some cases the system lock a table
well...I'm using just a user of oracle to connect to ORACLE
I said,,, my user is "user1" ans password is "maypass"...
my applicattion is using this password and user, when I have 2 machines connected to oracle does it care?? I mean...
does Oracle lock the table automatically because the user is the same???
????does it really care????

remember....The same user, the same different the same time..
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FrodoBegginsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Take a look at
for more information of WHEN and HOW orecle locks tables :)
the user doesn't matter, the problem must have another cause
There are absolutely no restrictions with the user. One my program in that very moment have 27 connections to one server with the same username/pass from diferent machines.
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IammeAuthor Commented:
ok.. tnks
A transaction acquires a table lock when a table is modified in the following DML statements: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT with the FOR UPDATE clause, and LOCK TABLE. These DML operations require table locks for two purposes: to reserve DML access to the table on behalf of a transaction and to prevent DDL operations that would conflict with the transaction. Any table lock prevents the acquisition of an exclusive DDL lock on the same table and thereby prevents DDL operations that require such locks. For example, a table cannot be altered or dropped if an uncommitted transaction holds a table lock for it.
One of my programs, has 30 users (all using the same username and password!) each user has up to 6 seperate connections from the same machine.  And that works fine.
IammeAuthor Commented:
The problem was  not the user an password
the problems is the configuration that a machien has.....
It ws not autocommit and it locked the BD
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