I'm searching for a document builder that'll convert C++ header/idl files to html

I just want an application that'll take convert the C++ files into html

I've been searching the internet but the search engines are coming up with zero results --- I'm using keywords "C++ to HTML", "c++ header files to web docs", etc.

If anyone knows of any and can point me to the websites, it is appreciated.  It doesn't matter if it's commercial or non-commercial.

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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See http://www.joelinoff.com/ccdoc/index.html - ccDoc might be what you're looking for:

A program that automatically generates HTML documentation from C++ source code with hyperlinks. "
Oh, yes, and it's free :o)
jamaicaAuthor Commented:
Thank you jkr!
Thanx, but why a 'B' then?
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