Ad Manager?? Does any one know how to set one of these up? So it works?

Below is a tool to generate:
Log AdViews    
Log AdClicks

This is what the manual said.....

Welcome to the banner ad server setup page. This page will allow you to configure the ad server for use on your website. Once your server has been properly set up, you will be able to place rotating banner advertisements on your website, which is a great way to generate revenue!

To include rotating banners on your page, it must have the extension .phtml For example, if you wanted a banner on the first page of your website, you would call the file index.phtml. In the space below is the code for a simple page which includes banner rotation. The lines printed in green are required for your ad server to operate correctly.


The view() is the command that you should place wherever you want the actual banner to appear. The syntax used above should be fine for most uses. However, for advanced users, here is a detailed description of the view() tag and it's options:

string view (mixed what [, int clientID [, string target [, bool withText = 0]]]);
The argument "what" is currently one of the following:
[int]: Display the banner with this bannerID. Example: view(1);
"[width]x[height]: Display a randomly selected banner with this width/height. Example: view("468x60");
"html": Display a randomly selected HTML-banner
"[keyword]": Display a randomly selected banner with this keyword associated to it. Example: view("maingroup");
Note: Banners with the special keyword "global" associated to them, are also considered when using this syntax.

The optional argument clientID allows you to retrieve only banners by a specific client. Specify "" to view banners from all clients (in case you need the third or fourth argument, else don't specify it at all). Example: view("468x60", 1).
The optional argument "target" allows you to specify a frame target (may be one of "[framename]", "_blank", "_parent" and "_top"). Example: view("maingroup", 0, "_blank");
The optional argument withText allows you to show a banner with its associated line of text below it (for example, "Support our sponsor" is a common line of text). Example: view("maingroup", "", "", 1);
Some examples:

view(1); - Displays the banner with the bannerID of 1.
view("html"); - Displays a randomly selected HTML banner
view("468x60", 0, "_blank"); - Displays a randomly selected banner with a width of 468 pixels and a height of 60 pixels. If user clicks on it, the target destination will be opened in a new window.
view("Websites/Business/New_Media/"); - Displays a randomly selected banner from the group "Websites/Business/New_Media/" (in other words: with that keyword).


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ykf2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:

put this two files

in a directory named adserver and it should be working
Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
You have NOT specified a absolute path, only a relative one.

You will have a problem if you load PHP files from a directory that does not contain the adserver directory.

Personally speaking, for all includes, I use the DOCUMENT_ROOT server variable.

This way, I always know where I am (metaphorically speaking! When I want to REALLY know where I am, I look out of the window and hope I recognise something!).


Put the two files in the adserver directory, but amend the code to something like ...

  require($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/adserver/");
  require($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/adserver/");

Something you might like to do is this!

  require($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/../adserver/");
  require($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/../adserver/");

and put the adserver directory parallel to the document directory (public_html, web, etc).

This way, users are NOT able to browese the files!

I use this method to store my database info files.

They are only accessible via FTP, not via HTTP!

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