C++ ADO tutorial ?

I'm looking for a decent ADO tutorial - either online or available to download. I can't seem to find anything of any substance (or quality).

Anyone know of any sites ?
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missionImpossibleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there's no difference between ADO VB an C++ object modell.
All objects and their attributes are identically. just look at msdn.
do you have msdn? if so search for "Connection Object (ADO)", "Command Object (ADO)", "Recordset Object (ADO)".
Online please look at:

there are several articles about ADO.
mark50Author Commented:
VB is ok I suppose, but I'm trying to find something using c++. Virually all the references I com across demonstrate using VB.

I'm particularly looking for examples of data binding in C++.
For start look in MSDN:

ADO Tutorial: ADO Tutorial (VC++)
mark50Author Commented:
I know there's no difference, but I would just prefer to look at examples in the language in which I'm programming
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