send a report via e-mail

Using Delphi 5 / dbase tables

How can i send a report from created via quickrep directly as e-mail from my program to the customer?
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FrodoBegginsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Internet Component Sute. It's written by Francois Piette. Freeware, downloadable form
You just have to send poscard (non-electronic!) to Francois for the registration :)
There is very good email list for support.
QuickReport can save the report to .qrp, .txt or .rtf file. If you want the custumer to use your program to view the report, use the .qrp export filter. Otherwise I recommend you to use .rtf. I, personaly, use that mechanism to send reports to our custumers via e-mail.
The e-mail itself can be sent in many ways. I use Francois Piette's TSMTP component, part of the ICS sute.
tziganAuthor Commented:
Great tip.
ICS What does it mean?
tziganAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your competent tip
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