The correct procedure for upgrading drivers

I have read a lot about upgrading video card and AGP drivers by downloading from the internet, but what I'd like to know is -
1. Where do you download the driver to (the systems folder?)
2. Once downloaded, how do you perform an upgrade?  How do you know what file to install?  Some basic instruction would be useful.

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slink9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The OS you are using would help to get an answer here.
If you are using 98 you would download the driver file to a temp directory and unzip it either through an unzip program or running the executable file that you downloaded.  There may be a setup program that you can run which should update the driver file in your system.  If there is no setup file you would go through the following series of events.
start-settings-control panel-system
device manager tab
display adapters
select the video card and click properties
driver tab
update driver button
you will update from the temp directory
on the safe side, remove the driver first. This can be dome by changeing the current driver to the styandard pci vGA. Reboot, but you will see 16 coplors graphics. Butr dont worry, proceed with installation. Go to control panel and add new device. Select grpahic adapter. Seelcthave disk and point to the folder that contains the driver. The dirver infromation is located inside a file with an inf exteonsion. You graphic mode lwill be display. And press ok and proceed with installation. The reason is to do is is that to aboid any failure in upadting. THis is just like fresh installl a driver.

Try downloading to your desktop.  You can download them to any part of your drive but you will want to find them later.  Once downloaded there should be a file labled README.  Read it, and you will see what the others are saying here is there for you already.  The files you want to use are the ones that are compatible with your operating system.  You should know what that is if you don't we can help you find it.  It is usually best to use the most current drivers.
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Make sure you know your VGA type such as brand name, model number, chipset and etc. Go to the their support/driver website. Download the upgrade/patch/softwares/ or etc. that parallel to your operating system (Windows 95/98/Me/2000 or etc.) and match your VGA card. Save the file in the place where you can easily remember such as C:\ or desktop and remember its name. Execute the program and the installation will do the rest.
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you could try this free software from Cnet called catchup which will automatically search your computer and compare it with a data-base and advise you which drivers etc can be updated. All you do is select which ones you want and they will be automatically downloaded and updated for you.
cheers, Pete
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Sorry I did not reply sooner.  Have had the computer upgraded.
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