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Posted on 2001-06-14
Last Modified: 2013-12-24
hey all-

just installed cf 4.52 w/ cf server pro in a winNT lan.

i am running both of these locally;  the fun part is when browsing to any .cfm page, im asked for my winnt username, pass, and domain(i enter the lan name).  also, i cant view the page(file not found - 404) when i enter the url; but i can view the dir contents w/no prob.

now my q's
supposedly i am setup as lvl 3 user- whatever that means- do i need to change this?  what is the proper user level to use the RDS & other functions of CF?

thanks in advance
Question by:owlsey

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I presume that you chose to use the local version of IIS when you installed ColdFusion Server.

It sounds like there is a problem with either NTFS directory permissions where the index.cfm file is stored, or there is a problem with the permissions for IIS. Have you checked these?

I don't know what level3 user means either, but if you managed to install the software I can't see why you would have a problem running it.


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ID: 6191297
level 3 supposedly refers to a nt group- but it could be an arbitrary name...not IIS- MS PWS- w/ nt service pack 4..

do you have a lan admin who configured desktops for full cf use?   im the first cf user at my comp- helpdesk cant support.

ntfs- is that controlled by user level?


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Hi owwley,

 Why you are gettingprompted to use winnt username, pass, and domain name is coz you dont allow annonymous access to your Website and you have checked any of the other authentication methods. So , go to IIS , and for the directory which you want to put ypur cfm codes in , riht click properties and then the directory security , then allow annonymous access. Let me know if u have problems changing the access.

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ID: 6191776
level 3 supposedly refers to a nt group- but it could be an arbitrary name...not IIS- MS PWS- w/ nt service pack 4..

do you have a lan admin who configured desktops for full cf use?   im the first cf user at my comp- helpdesk cant support.

ntfs- is that controlled by user level?


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i dont know why i keep gettign these double posts...

but- no IIS installed locally- NT PWS- a free, no-frills webserver, and i do not see a field for anonymous browsing...and i think that you are not referring to the win nt explorer...

was uber mit das?  

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ID: 6192402
owsley i am not sure still i guess, yeah open PWS and click on advanced , there is a place where u can see all the virtual directories. Whatever u are using right click on  that and then properties or something..then click on directory security ..edit then allow anonyous acces okay


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ID: 6192425
read/execute/scripts- all enabled... no chckbx fer anonymous browse...  browse dir contents enabled...

i have the same setuop on my laptop- and works no prob; but i have a higher user you know what i need to have enabled(.exe) or what group i have to be in?

this is sort of like a needle in the haystack...

thanks again,

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ID: 6193772

I think you miss out the Internet User Account for the rights of your folder. I always forgotten to set this rights when i created a new website in the server (IIS).
I'm not sure how this PWS works, but i think you can check with that.

Assumed you install your cfm files at


Then you right click at the wwwroot, and then look for Security folder, and check whether the Internet User Account is there or not, if doesn't try to add one ... it looks something like this IUSR_YOURMACHINENAME in the add.
That's how it works in IIS, i hope there isn't any major difference on PWS.

Good Luck.


Author Comment

ID: 6749209
got answ working finally!

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