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We currently have a LAN connected to the internet through a Cisco Router running NAT.  One of our servers, basically the main one, is running Exchange as well as File and Print Services.

We have NO firewall and need one desparately.  Because our ISP has an MX record for our server it is wide open on the internet.  

We are interested in getting a firewall, any recommendations?  Good time to get a proxy server/firewall at this time?

The only thing coming inside would need to be email from the outside, how would we set this up on the firewall?  Just open a certain port?  Which one?
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I like the Cisco PIX as a nice fast hardware solution.  If you want more features then Checkpoint FW-1 is a good firewall.  It sounds like you could get away with the lower end PIX and save yourself some money.  If all you need inbound is internet mail, the only port you need to open is 25(SMTP).  If you want people to be able to check their mail from the outside via POP3 or Outlook Web Access, you will need to open 110(POP3) and/or 80(HTTP).
I agree with geoffryn and I like the PIX.
Depending on your budget, you may be able to upgrade your router with the Firewall IOS for less money and accomplish much the same thing.
However, if budget allows, there is an old saying -
"let routers route and firewalls be the firewall". putting too many tasks onto the router bogs it down, but for small offices it may be the perfect solution.

Just to re-state what geoffyn said about ports:

smtp - TCP port 25 - must be open both ways for the server to send and to receive.

If you have roving users that access their email from home or travel, open TCP port 110 for POP3, TCP port 443 for SSL, and if you use the web-based access, TCP port 80..

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Might also check out the low-end netscreen's.  They're pretty inexpensive, easy to configure, and fast.
I agree with chris_calabrese, Netscreen is faster , much much easier to configure... All you'd need to do is setup inbound smtp... port 25. I suggest a NS-5 elite. (Elite meaning unlimitted users). There is no advantage & several disadvantages between Pix & netscreen..
I've been working with the Cisco PIX 515-UR,520-UR, FO firewalls and there pretty easy to set up...CISCO has a low end unit 506(handles 5 VPN sessions) to a beefy 512MB PIX 535...
well i didnt work with the PIX and i dont know how fast is it, but i am working with Biodata BIGfire+, real peace of cack with its management software, and no butel nick and you can connect your mail server to Admin port and control the trafic to it.
and the price is resnable.....
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Currently we have an existing Cisco 2514 router performing NAT, we might just upgrade the IOS on this to the firewall version.
Make sure that your have enough RAM on the router,  The IOS firewall can really bang on the CPU and memory.
Yeah I would not recommend upgrading the Cisco 2514 to the IOS firewall version.  Unless you want to pay more in memory upgrades then it would cost to get a small simple firewall.  I would look into something like the Watchgaurd Firebox 50.  It's about $700 unless you have less then 25 or even 10 users,  Then the cost for a hardware based firewall would be either $500 or $300 dollars respectively.  In case you didn't guess the Firebox 50 allows for 50 users.

I like the PIX more but even the bottom of the line PIX is still 1500.00
To round out choice_list, Microsoft for IIS now has this:

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 (ISA) Technical Overview

Ports as above, unless you want more like ftp, open as needed.
Cisco PIX is good in your situation
I recommend the PIX 516..
You set up a nat pool,let say 10.2.X.X/16 on your firewall.Then create a static entry to associate the real ip to IP internally. Finally open the ports required for pop and smtp by using access-list commands with pix 5.0 version or higher or conduit commands such as...
static (inside,outside) netmask 0 0
conduit permit tcp host eq smtp any
conduit permit tcp host eq pop3 any
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