Cannot key numbers into VB 3 Access 2 application

I'm supporting a VB3, Access 2.0 DB application in which a small percentage of users are unable to key numbers into several text boxes on screen, but they can key letters into any text box at any time.  Tried keying numbers from both keyboard and number pad but nothing happens when a number key is hit.  I have seen this issue with Win 95, 98, and 2000 workstations in stand alone, NT, and Novell environments.  No pattern there.

In many of these cases Win 95/98 users have been able to get around the problem by going to Control Panel, System, Performance Tab, File System, and change the Typical Role of this machine between the "Desktop Computer" and "Network server." If problem comes up again can change setting back and it usually helps.  Under Windows 2000 get same result by going to Control Panel; System; Advanced tab; Performance Options; under "Application response" change setting from "Applications" to "Background services."

This issue seems to be pc specific.  In cases where program is run from a server if problem comes up on one pc we can immediately go to another pc and key numbers into the same field without any problems.  On one pc with this problem we opened the Access 2.0 database directly (back door) and were able to key numbers directly into the table.

This issue has been a thorn in my side for over two years.  I don't know why changing the system settings helps (keep in mind there have been a few cases where nothing helped).  I would appreciate any ideas or sense anyone can make of this.  Thanks!!

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MattiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Event driven code in VB3?
Had years ago some of these VB 3.0 problems, need to use faster macine to fix and compile the program.

There comes stack problems and overflows and those do not show in the VB IDE if the prosessor is slow. like the performance difference scale from 486/66mhz to Cyric P 686-150.

So install the VB 3 to faster macine and try to run and fix the code.

TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
stuckagain, when this happens have you tried pressing Ctrl, Alt, Shift and releasing them then trying again. I know it sounds strange but sometimes windows does seem to think that one of these keys is down when in fact it isn't this will cause the system to think that you are pressing this key in addition to the number and this may be an invalid entry to the text box. I cannot say why this happens or how often but it occurs occasionally to me on NT4 and pressing the keys and releasing them always works.
stuckagainAuthor Commented:
The problem version of this application was compiled on an
 AMD K6-2 266 Mhz pc with 64 MB ram.  We now have a compile on a 1 Ghz pc with 256 MB ram.  Still waiting for client feedback but should be ok now. Thanks!!

Ok, that was an old solve, and discovered it by accident and those days it was bossible to reproduce the problem also.

Those AMD processors could be problematic as the old VB does not have any conditional compilation options available when it complies.

Also there is Power BASIC
This could be a "last chance" but this kind of solution need's more work.

One more think: Do you have Y2K update from MS for Access 2.0, there comes latest versions of VB 3.0/ 4.0 16bit DAO2.5 librarys.

Sound like a dirty KeyBoard
Clean your Keyboard first. When ever keys get stuck or my fingers get stuck to the keyboard I was my hands first and then I clean the Keyboard. This technique works with all applications. If this does not work then replace your Keyboard.

if none of this works then stop using the keyboard, just relly on the mouse.
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