Flash movie covers javascript menu

I'm working on a site that navigates with a simple javascript menu.  The problem is that I have pages with flash movies embedded in them and the movie will overlap the pull down menus.
Does anyone either know of a fix or where I can download a simple javascript (or java) pull down menu that is unaffected by flash?

This is really annoying so I'm giving 300 points to anyone who offers a simple, working solution.
I'm also posting this in the Flash topic area.

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dij8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It is not possible.  A flash object seems to have a z-index of infinity.  And therefore will always be on top of everything.
stupid question, but i'm assuming you have the flash movie in a div that's below the divs you're displaying with the menu?

i know that with drop-down menus you have to hide them because they display on top of all divs. this might be the same thing.



z-index: 0;

may work?
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georgeburdellAuthor Commented:
I have tried using div tags and changing the z-index, but those don't seem to help.  I should add that I asked this question maybe eight months ago and a couple of guys said it was impossible at that time.  I need to know if there has been some improvement since then or if it really has been possible this whole time.
perhaps a new page for the flash stuff
georgeburdellAuthor Commented:
Okay, I guess if the movie uses a z-index of infinity there'd be no way to circumvent it.  Right now we are opening the movies in new windows but would like a more elegant way of doing this.
Does anyone know if Macromedia is working on this?
It's not really a Macromedia issue, as such.  It is more how browsers render a Flash object.  It may even be a part of the object tag itself.  I am not sure.  So it will only be fixed when new browsers support it and older browsers are not really in use any more.  As far as I am aware, neither Netscape 6 or IE 6 have implemented support for this so it could be a while yet.  Althought IE 5.5 supports z-index for i-frames now.  Which you may be able to use.
This question has been abandoned. I will make a recommendation to the
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that would help me to make a recommendation.
   In the absence of responses, I may recommend DELETE unless it is clear
   to me that it has value as a PAQ.  Silence = you don't care

It is time to clean this abandoned question up.  

I am putting it on a clean up list for CS.

points to dij8


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E-E Admin
I guess I'm a little late on this one but..
Add this to the Flash Object.
<param name="WMode" value="Transparent">  
Quoted from www.burmees.nl/menu/menu.htm :

Question 8: Why do the menu items drop behind some HTML elements.?
Some elements, like some form elements, and objects like Flash are outside the z-order of the document.  They are always on top. This is browser behavior and cannot be changed.  One way to work around that is to temporarely hide the element in question when the menu drops.
1- Put the form(s), element(s) or object(s) inside a named div: (For Netscape4 it is better to include the whole form instead of single elements)
<div id='HideDiv1' style="position:relative;"> element(s) </div>
2- Make an array in the document with the elements
<script type='text/javascript'>
   var HideArray=['HideDiv1','HideDiv2',...............];
3- Replace the empty functions BeforeFirstOpen and AfterCloseAll (Found in the variable file) with:  
function BeforeFirstOpen(){
      var H_A,H_Al,H_El,i;
      for (i=0;i<H_Al;i++){
function AfterCloseAll(){
      var H_A,H_Al,H_El,i;
      for (i=0;i<H_Al;i++){
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