Very urgent !! RedHat7.0 and WinNT4

Posted on 2001-06-14
Last Modified: 2010-04-20
I'm getting a terrible problem, let me explain the situation. I have a hard disk with this configuration :
FAT- nothing
What I did is I installed RH7.0 on FAT area, actually I deleted FAT and created a linux native partition, the installation was successfula( I didn't install LILO, I boot linux by floppy disk )  and then I can run both linux and winnt. I want to add some more components of linux so I did install few times.
But yesterday after installing linux as I did usually, I want to run WinNT then I remove foppy disk and reboot but there's something wrong, the screen displayed "LI" and my PC hung at there, that's all it says. I remember I did not install LILO, how come it display "LI".
After all I have tried few solution in sequence :
1. Boot my PC by WinNT installation CDROM disk, choose REPAIR option, but it still display "LI" after reboot, OK I tried the second method
2. Install a fresh winnt on NTFS partition, but it still display "LI" after reboot, OK I tried the third method
3. Install a fresh WinNT on linux partition( first I delete linux partition and create a FAT when installing winnt), It's no point, the same problem when reboot. OK tried the last one
4. Re-installed linux but choose to install LILO, after reboot and can run linux but if I chose WinNT then it display "Loading DOS" and hung at there.

What can I say after trying? I have a lot importance data on NTFS, I want to get it back with winnt. Please putting any solutions that you think it will work

Thanks a lot

Question by:hnguyenhn
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Expert Comment

ID: 6194633
First, make sure you have a working boot disk that can at least get you into the linux system. Keep this in a safe place. From what you said above, I am assuming that you now have lilo on your disk and it can boot into linux bot not NT for you. If so, boot off the hd, go into linux and open the /etc/lilo.conf file for editing, having first made a backup copy of it. Try adding a line


near the top of the file, and before the Winnt/Dos section of the file, save the file and try to reboot into NT.


Expert Comment

ID: 6195783
One really easy way to fix this is just to restore your NT MBR .. If you have access to another NT machine, boot off of your linux installation disk, or even the installation floppy, then on the NT machine grab the first 512 bytes off of your hard disk with the following command;

mount /dev/fd0 /mnt
dd if=/dev/hda of=/mnt/mbr.raw bs=512 count=1

You can use any ms dos formated disk. Then go back to your NT machine and do the oposite;

mount /dev/fd0 /mnt
dd if=/mntmbr.raw of=/dev/hda bs=512 count=1

That should restore you NT MBR (Master Boot Record) and you should then be able to boot NT. All this depends on your having access to a working NT system though. If someone out there has access to an NT system then then can do the first dd command and then attach the file to you via email or something. Any way it should work.

I'm afraid with all the shuffling you did with OSs before, that you may have damaged it beyond repair though. NTFS is sensitive about how you play with it.

If this does work, I think the best thing you can do is mount your NTFS partition from Linux, back up all your data, completely reformat your disk and install from scratch. ;)

Accepted Solution

hendrik999 earned 200 total points
ID: 6199632
The problem is the Master Boot Record (MBR) and your Bootsector (BS).
'comotai' is taling about the BS and not the MBR.
With the above comment your replacing your BS and not your MBR.

It seems that your master boot record is replaced by LILO.
Because Win9x and WinNT have the same master boot record you can try to create or look for a bootdisk of Win95 or Win98. Then startup from this disk and give the command fdisk /mbr.
This will replace your current MBR of lilo with the one of Win9x/WinNT.
In case your BS is still OK you should be able to boot.
Otherwise you can now try to install WinNT again.
Hope this helps.

Expert Comment

ID: 6199735
That last one was funny. BS. hehehe... Sorry, had to laugh. Yes, `fdisk /mbr` will also re-write your MBR.

Author Comment

ID: 6200700
Thanks all you guys
I've chosen hendrik999 because it's easest way do do. Yes, it works, even I don't have to reinstall WinNT. Now I can run linux from floppy disk or WinNT from HD.

Great works

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