Querydef parameters

A user can set two parameters on my form - one is text, the other a date.
An event opens a recordset for an existing query. This query is based on another query which takes 2 parameters - [myCourse] and [myDate] the data types of these parameters has been set in qryManualCount (which qryManualCount2 uses)
Code below;
Dim dbs As Database
Dim qdf1 As QueryDef

Set dbs = CurrentDb
Set qdf1 = dbs.QueryDefs![qryManualCount2]
qdf1.Parameters![myCourse] = Me!myCourse
qdf1.Parameters![myDate] = Me!txtDate

Me!lstCourse.RowSource = qdf1.SQL

The problem is I get a dialog asking for a value for the [myDate] parameter even though I can see an appropriate value for that parameter when I inspect qdf1 using the debug window.

If I enter the date in the dialog I get the correct data, but cancelling/OKing the dialog means that nothing is returned.

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Mach1proConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See if this will react any differently

                    Set dbs = CurrentDb
                     Set qdf1 = dbs.QueryDefs![qryManualCount2]
                     qdf1.Parameters("myCourse") = Me!myCourse
                     qdf1.Parameters("myDate") = Me!txtDate
Every thing looks okay. The only thing you might try is

rather than

Try decalring the parameter vaiables in the subroutine and setting them using the
"Set (......) = " etc

vivnAuthor Commented:
qdf1.Execute is not valid because this is a select query.
I'm not sure setting the parameters differently will have any effect - I can see that they have been set by inspecting.
The alternative naming convention for the parameters had no effect.

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You might want to try formatting the date, so that it's clear to the program that it's a date field.

qdf1.Parameters![myDate] = Format(Me!txtDate, "mm/dd/yyyy")

Hope this helps,
vivnAuthor Commented:
Tried formatting the date but this doesn't work either.
Judging by the inspector the program does recognise this as a date (before I set the parameter data type to date/time I was getting a data type mismatch error)
Why not post the sql for your two queries?.  Maybe we could see something in there that you might be overlooking.
vivnAuthor Commented:
SQL for first query (qryManualCount);
PARAMETERS [myCourse] Text, [myDate] DateTime;
SELECT tblSchedule.Course_id
FROM tblSchedule
WHERE (((tblSchedule.Course_id)=[myCourse]) AND ((tblSchedule.Course_date)>[myDate]) AND ((tblSchedule.Slot)="1") AND ((tblSchedule.Cancelled)="No"));
SQL for second query (qryManualCount2);
PARAMETERS [myCourse] Text, [myDate] DateTime;
SELECT qryManualCount.Course_id, Count(qryManualCount.Course_id) AS Total
FROM qryManualCount
GROUP BY qryManualCount.Course_id;
Try removing the [myDate] parameter from your second query.  I don't see any reason why you need it and that may be what the program is calling.

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