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forward specific emails to a remote adress by using parameters

I use an email server on solaris and i forward emails that come in to another email (by request from some users)and at the same time i ceep copies to the local user's mail file.I have done this by writing in the ".forward" file (the .forward file is createt in the local user's mail directory) this line:

"user, user@remotesite.com"

(Accepted Answer from "shanechambers")

My question is, how can i use parameters to forward to the remote adress ("user@remotesite.com") only specific emails eg. incoming mails from a specific sender only

Thanks for your help!
1 Solution
there is a file called /etc/mail/aliases. you have to add the alias entries for forwarding the emails the format looks like

usera      user-a@domain1.com
userb      user-b@domain2.com

try this out and post in here if you have anymore questions.

Ok, you want to forward email from certain users, on to another address, while keeping all others, in the local mailbox.  Is this right?

If so, what I would recommend is installing procmail (http://freshmeat.net/projects/procmail).  From there you would do the following;

In the .forward file;
|exec /usr/local/bin/procmail

In .procmailrc;
:0 c
* ^From.*peter
! william@somewhere.edu

This would keep a copy locally (if you don't want a local copy, drop the 'c' on the first line), and send a copy off to william@somewhere.edu, of all mail coming from 'peter' (note you don't need the @somewhere.edu after peter).

Procmail allows you to do a far greater 'conditional' setup for mail delivery then you normally would be able to do.  Take a look at the man pages for 'procmailex,' and 'procmailrc,' once you've got it installed.
oceanisAuthor Commented:
shanechambers is it easy to install procmail on solaris?
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Well, I don't really know anyplace off the top of my head to find procmail in a package form, so you would have to download it, and build it. (http://www.procmail.org/)  The first set of downloads have little to no bandwidth, so I would recommend using one of the mirror locations (I used
ucsb.edu, and it worked fine), and download 'procmail-3.15.tar.gz'.  (if the site you select doesn't have 3.15, check another one)

Next you unpackage it:

gunzip -c procmail-3.15.tar.gz | tar -xvf -

That will unzip, and untar it into the directory procmail-3.15.

Next, 'cd' into the directory, and make it.  It's always a good idea to read any files listed as README, and INSTALL, as generally they give you specific instructions on how to build and install the package.  But anyways;

(su to root first!)
make install
(I think there's one question during the configuration, hitting <ENTER> will take the default)

Procmail is setup so well, that it will configure build, and install the package in one swoop.  Once it's installed, you can delete the procmail-3.15 directory.

From here, setup your .forward, and .procmailrc files as I said above! :)

(If you run into any problems, let me know)
How'd that work out?
oceanisAuthor Commented:
I finaly don't used it but thanks for your help shanechambers.
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