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Is their a way to programatically find the parent router of an ip address.  I am writing a program that requires a ping or to know the parent router for a given ip address.  I would like to see some code or sample.

Thanks in advance

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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>>Where do I get traceroute?  

It's in every Linux or FreeBSD distribution out there.  

>>What do you mean the next one will be a parent?

TRACEROUTE gives you a list of IP addresses, one after the other in sequence.  That is the ROUTE to the endpoint.

Try it, you'll see.  If you have Windows NT or 2000 there is TRACERT that does the same thing.
Get the source code for TRACEROUTE.  It's in every Linux or FreeBSD distribution out there.  There is no guarantee that a "parent" router is always the same since routing is a dynamic thing and packets can take different paths at different times.  But using the technique in traceroute, you will get _A_ route from A to B.  For any IP in the list, the next one will be a "parent".
ramrocketAuthor Commented:
hance, that is the problem, routing is dynamic however that is ok with my requirements.  Where do I get traceroute?  What do you mean the next one will be a parent?
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ramrocketAuthor Commented:
jhance, will these traceroute work with NT?  Can you give a url to download the source?
ramrocketAuthor Commented:
jhance, this code does not compile using vc6.0 under winnt2000.  

>>>If you have Windows NT or 2000 there is TRACERT that does the same thing.

can you point me where the source to tracert.  I need this to work on an nt machine.  I am not doing development under unix or its flavor.

Sorry.  You expanded the scope of this question well beyond its original parameters.  You asked for an explanation of HOW to do this and for a source code sample and I've provided both!  

Now you want a complete VC++ 6.0 application for Windows 2000.

ramrocketAuthor Commented:
jhance, I apologize for the misunderstanding.  I am not requiring a complete vc6.0 app for win2k.  Like I said in my original query, I am writing a program that need to incorporate this functionality.  The source code that you point me to is not integratable with my program and therefore is useless to me.  Please work with me on this.  I am willing to increase the points but I need something that is usable.


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