Ozo help please - on perl?

Here's my script PageParse.pm is located here to.

I cannot figure out why stop_words.txt is not triggered.

Could you please help me.
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ozoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
stop_words.txt is being triggered when I step through
Are you sure the open is succeding when you call it from http://textseem.ehost4u.com/test2/frame1.html?
What happens if you change
open KW, 'stop_words.txt';
open KW, 'stop_words.txt' or die $!;
Not Found

The requested URL /test2/u.zip was not found on this server.
sdesarAuthor Commented:
I am very sorry.

Could you please try again its at the following location-http://textseem.ehost4u.com/

There is a link there - click on it to get u.zip.

Also, if you want to see all the code online you can go to

http://textseem.ehost4u.com/test2/README.txt- list all the files.

And they are all in the following location-

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sdesarAuthor Commented:
Ozo , thanks for helping me.

Were you able to view the files they are all located under

The README.txt lists all the files that are needed.  The u.zip is also at this location.  The problem occurs with the stop_words.txt that is accessed in the PageParser.pm.


Awaiting a response,

Stepping through with the debugger, it looks like stop_words.txt is triggered.  How do you get it to not be triggered?
sdesarAuthor Commented:
When I put all the files and run it from this website-

When I type a url example-

and hit the Enter.

The page should parse all the stop_words.txt,
but its not and they are being counted.  Therefor, when the reults are displayed words like a, of the etc are counted instead of the keywords being counted.

The stop_words should all be ignored, I don't understand what else could be causing this behavior.

Any suggestions..  How could I fix this?

I see nothing when I type http://www.biophotonen-online.de/abstract/abs2000-9.htm
at http://textseem.ehost4u.com/test2/frame1.html

When I try to step through PageParser::dumpText2
I get an infinite loop at
        while ($#text1) {
which probably should have been
        while (@text1) {
sdesarAuthor Commented:
You have to type the URL and hit the DISPLAY TEXT Button.
Hitting the ENTER key does not work.

YOu will see that all the stop_words are being counted.
sdesarAuthor Commented:
Also, I updated PageParser.pm
as you stated to-
while (@text1) {
          $line = shift(@text1);

It still is counting the stop_words, ie of, the, and etc.
sdesarAuthor Commented:
Did you also notice the same behavior , ie the stop_words are being counted?

I did as you suggested in PageParser.pm-

open KW, 'stop_words.txt' or die $!;

I am still getting the same results, ie stop_words are being counted.

What do you think could be causing this behavior?

awaiting a response,
nice to see you want only ozo's help ;-)
sdesarAuthor Commented:

Ozo, had helped me with this code in the past therefore,
I requested for his help.

But the question is open to anyone that can
help e fix the code.

Awaiting a response!
Wasn't picking, only joking
sdesarAuthor Commented:
Ozo.. If it helps.. would it me possible for you to give me your email address and I could email you URL for the site where all the code is stored.  
I have checked the permmissions .. its all set to 755 and the perl scripts and they are all in the cgi-bin directory.

Awaiting a reponse,
Thanks for your help.
sdesarAuthor Commented:
Hi Ozo.. I have not heard from you.  
Are you an Vacation?
Can you please help me?

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sdesarAuthor Commented:
Thanks a million ozo!
Thank you very much, sdesar, for returning and finalizing this in grand style.
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