Time, HELP got to have TIME!!!!!!!!!

I'm out of ideas with this xinetd sh@t.
I need to get the time servers running.
daytime and time.
The ports are open and beinging listened to so
Xinetd knows about this much that's fine. Now here's the
problem. It doesn't return squat!!

I run telnet daytime
and get
Connected to
Escape character is '^]' .
Connection closed by foregin host.

Where the HELL IS MY DATE!!!!
I've updated and reinstalled xinetd and checked and
double checked the config file. Here's the message from startup:

xinetd[1412]: linuxconf disabled, removing
xinetd[1412]: ntalk disabled, removing
xinetd[1412]: exec disabled, removing
xinetd[1412]: talk disabled, removing
xinetd[1412]: tftp disabled, removing
xinetd[1412]: xinetd Version started with
xinetd[1412]: libwrap
xinetd[1412]: options compiled in.
xinetd[1412]: Started working: 9 available services
xinetd: xinetd startup succeeded

looks ok right?
so somebody tell me why I can't get my TIME?!?!?!
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They aren't working because the xinetd on the RH 7.0 CD is, well, slightly broken. You need to get and install the updated xinetd rpm from RedHat. Also you should know that the glibc from the CD is even more seriously broken and that needs to be updated also, as does the compiler, kernel... Well, shucky darn, there's just a whole bunch of updates that you should apply. I've got a script that I wrote to automate the process of applying the updates, which I'd be glad to share. If you'd like a copy, send an email to jim@entrophy-free.net.
jscartAuthor Commented:
Oh yeah
RH 7.0
jscartAuthor Commented:
I found the update an hour after posting this.
It's always in the last place you look after giving up.

Does anyone have an opinion on upgrade Vs. fresh install with Linux?
Have any problems? Need to reconfig everything? Did it wreck any systems?

I'm thinking of doing it but the box I have is production running lost of different services. I would prefer not to reconfig all of them.
Hmmm, my first thought would be, since you have the 7.1 kit, to just do the upgrade to 7.1. My experience so far is that this upgrade has worked every time, provided that you haven't futzed with things "out of band". By that I mean that you are either using only things installed from the RedHat 7.0 distribution, or that you removed any RedHat packages that needed to be replaced by a built from source or non-RedHat rpm. If you've "followed the rules" the upgrader can correctly identify the 7.0 packages that need to be upgraded and everything works properly. However, if you've futzed with things "out of band" there'll be trouble. Now to be fair about it, there'll also be trouble in applying the updates to 7.0 in that case.

I think that the 7.1 upgrade will preserve your existing configuation for those services (it certainly should). The only "gottcha's" that I've encountered so far with a 7.1 upgrade are with sendmail and bind. The sendmail issue is covered in the Release notes on the 7.1 CD and there can be issues with the named.conf file when moving from Bind 8 to Bind 9. Oh yeah, I've heard some folks complaining that the 2.4 kernel is slower than a 2.2 kernel. I've not experienced that myself so I don't know if there is any validity to that statement.

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