Creating DSN Automatically through Install shield for Java

I'am doing a appliction (Java) APPLICATION THAT SYNCHRONIZES THE DATA FROM the webversion.The problem is that  during the setup time only using installed shield for java ,i want to create the DSN Automatically.Is i possible with the 3.1 and Later versions of Install shield for Java .Is it possible?.

I'am using Ms Access Database

Advanced thanks
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shyamkumarreddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey Sagar
U need to write Platform specific code.

Please write a Registry programming using java or run a C++ program to registry an entire for DSN creation.
Then u can go ahead in installing.

Do u got me.

Any way installation shield doesn't support this, but u can write a one and include this in your shield

Here are the registry settings for a sample Access database.  The DSN name is DSNTest and the database is c:\my documents\test.mdb

"DBQ"="C:\\My Documents\\test.mdb"
"Description"="Test Database for JDBC"
"FIL"="MS Access;"


"DSNTest"="Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)"
pusuluri_sagarAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
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