TreeCellRenderer icon not displaying during JTree cell edit.

I have customized the icon displayed for a specific type of JTree node by subclassing DefaultTreeCellRenderer, which work fine:

public class MyTreeCellRenderer extends DefaultTreeCellRenderer {

  public MyTreeCellRenderer() {

         public Component getTreeCellRendererComponent(
                            JTree tree,
                            Object value,
                            boolean sel,
                            boolean expanded,
                            boolean leaf,
                            int row,
                            boolean hasFocus) {

                            tree, value, sel,
                            expanded, leaf, row,
            ImageIcon ii = new ImageIcon(getClass().getResource("/myicon.gif"));
               if ( condition...) {
            return this;

My problem is that when an edit is invoked on a node that has the custom icon set, the default (folder) icon is displayed during the edit.

I have tried subclassing DefaultTreeCellEditor, but that doesn't seem to work.  I am calling the JTree setCellEditor and setCellRenderer as follows:

this works =>

    MyTreeCellRenderer tcr = new MyTreeCellRenderer();

but this doesn't=>
    MyTreeCellEditor tce = new MyTreeCellEditor(jTree,jTree.getCellRenderer());

Here is MyTreeCellEditor...

public class MyTreeCellEditor extends DefaultTreeCellEditor {
  public MyTreeCellEditor(JTree tree, TreeCellRenderer renderer){

  public java.awt.Component getTreeCellEditorComponent(JTree tree,Object value,
             boolean isSelected, boolean expanded,
              boolean leaf, int row) {

      java.awt.Component comp = super.getTreeCellEditorComponent(tree,value,isSelected,expanded,leaf,row);

Thanks for your help,

Dave Connerth (captaindave2)

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Usually for avoiding such problems, the cellEditor and cellRenderer must point to the same Object.

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