Validation of null or "" in a textfield is not working with "==" operator

My program compiles fine and goes thru the motions, but will not detect a null textfield. I've tried everything from nulls to spaces in quantity to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. The validation code I am using is as follows; note;(the prints are for debug purposes and show the "if" statement is working if I change the "==" to "!=")
public JdlgValidate(Employee inEmp)
         e2 = inEmp;
         if((String.valueOf(e2.getEmployeeName())==null)) {
                 JlblValidate.setText("Empty Employee Name, please try again");
                     JlblValidate.setText("Empty PayMethod, please try again");
                      JlblValidate.setText("Empty Phone Number, please try again");
                    JlblValidate.setText("Empty Address, please try again");
                    JlblValidate.setText("Empty Department Number, please try again");
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SendohConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi !
first of all, check if the string object is null....
then if not, check if the string with length 0....
think this will cover most of the cases u mentioned..:)


if (txtField.getText()!=null && 
    //process code here
    System.out.println("txtField cannot be null or empty")

hope it helps...:)

dolphin203Author Commented:
Sendoh, thanks for the response. I've discovered that a textfield on a form will never return a null. That's why my method is not working. I used your suggestion of trim().length() ==0 and it compiles fine. However, Now I'm getting an eligal operation error when I select a textfield for entry.
JAVAW caused an invalid page fault in
module <unknown> at 0084:1f909400.
EAX=05fd06b4 CS=0167 EIP=1f909400 EFLGS=00010297
EBX=05fd1334 SS=016f ESP=04ddf650 EBP=04ddf670
ECX=05fd0e78 DS=016f ESI=05fd0e78 FS=4bd7
EDX=05fd0e78 ES=016f EDI=00000000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
I'm running Visual Cafe 4.1a. I don't think the change has anything to do with may have something to do with the amount of memory in my laptop...I have 96meg, will have to check it out and get back to you. I think your fix will take care of my problem if I get by this.
its ok...
take ur time...
just post anything if u need help..:)
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dolphin203Author Commented:
Accepted Sendoh's response, although I now have a different problem when using his code, I believe this is related to my laptop and Visual Cafe'. I'm using the method described in my original question to resolve my problem, but I believe Sunduh's code to be accurate. My original thought was to reject and delete the question, (which I thought I had done), but I don't believe that would be fair to Sundah. Therefore, I'm awarding him the points.
My appologies for not realizing this question was still open.
Thank you for returning and updating/finalize this.  Since EASY questions typically begin at a point value of 50, it seems fair to award points here for the information offered.  The expert last stated that he (or she) was waiting for you to give some more information, but that didn't follow.  You'll find that staying current with your questions, and providing timely feedback will help you achieve the "A" quality results that everyone here strives to obtain, and more quickly.

If you choose to open another question, and it related to this, just include the link to this so that a trail is maintained on progress to date.  That should prove helpful.

Question that are "medium" in terms of difficulty are typically 100 points, those requiring more complex information range from 200 to 300 points.  That should also help you in deciding point values to draw attention and get results.  The HELP DESK on the left is quite helpful.

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