Is there a way I can check to see who has logged or tried to log into my computer from my terminal or try to login with my userid and password elsewhere on the network?

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tengageConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you go to start | program | administrative tools | event viewer, and open the "security" log.

You may see "success audits".  These will show you when and who logs into your machine.

If you don't have any audits in here and you want to turn 'em on, then do this

1. Launch "Local Security Settings" from Control Panel
2. Expand Local Policies
3. Click "Audit Policy"
4. Double Click "Audit Logon Events"
5. Click the "success" and "failure" checkboxes

You'll now see entries in your security log in event viewer for "who logged on and when"

- Chris

Do you have security audits turned on at your terminal?
scorp8Author Commented:
I have no clue!!!  

Where would I go to check?
scorp8Author Commented:
Your winnT, right?  I'm in win2000 but I found all the settings and set them up...

Thanks for the help...
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