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i just installed a mitsumi floppy drive.  everything works fine except that i cant disk copy either in dos or windows.  It says that it can't read from the source disk.  I tried a sony drive that i had around, and everything worked fine.

any suggestions?
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kahleanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you might fit the floppy cable wrongly. TRy fit it the other way round. I suggest that you remove the fdd controller fro mthe deivcemanager and let windows redetec the driver
Hav you tried a diskcopy with a different source disk?  Sometimes the heads will get a little out of alignment and will not read certain disks.  Have you cleaned it with a cleaning disk?  It may be as simple as that.
Is this floppy drive chained with another.
Your setting may be correct in the bios for the first drive but the wrong size might be set in the bios for the second drive.

Check also your device manager for memory,irq conflicts, correct driver for the floppy.
reduakmAuthor Commented:
yes this worked great - removing the controller in device manager.  very simple and quick.  I didn't even switch the cables or anything.  thanks.
glad i could help reduakm
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