Framesets and Roles

I have a role in the db ACL. If is user is assigned the role, on db open, Frame1 is opened. If useris not assigned role Frame 2 is opened. This is working fine however, when I hit ECS from the Frame1 or Frame2 (to close the db), the second frame opens.


How can I can close the DB from the frame itself without opening the other frame?? Please help.

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CRAKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no need to specify the frameset in the launch options if you use the databases PostOpen event.

As an alternative, can't you use just one frameset, and compute in the different frames what page/view etc. should be loaded? E.g.:

Frame properties:
  type: Named Element, Page
  formula (press "@"): @If( @UserRoles="[myRole]"; "page1";
where did you specify your code ?
Because in the database launch options you dont have the possibility to use your formula.
Because, I think that if you click escape, he doesn't return the other frameset but he return the place where you start from (where your formula was written)
What are your notes launch options ?

VanitaAuthor Commented:
The code is in the database postopen, and the db launch options are to open the Frameset1. In this case, after Frameset1 is opened and I hit ECS, it closes the DB. However if Frameset2 is opened, this is when I hit ECS and goes to Frameset1.
However if I change the launch option to open Frameset2, it happens the other way round.
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Jean Marie GeeraertsConnect With a Mentor Application EngineerCommented:
The alternative with loading different pages, only works if both framesets have the same layout, if there's a differeence in frames this won't solve Vanita's problem.
Before the OpenFrameSet command set the target frame to _parent, this will open the new frameset and close the old frameset.
So you're formula would be :

Try this and let us know if it does the trick.
I have to agree with you, but instead of choosing between page1 and -2, you could load frameset1 and 2 IN the original frameset (nesting).
Your base frameset could then contain only one (computed) frame, and frameset1 and -2 could differ.
I'm not sure if I would choose that option, but it IS an alternative way to meet Vanitas wishes.
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Sounds like the easiest solution to me CRAK.
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Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
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