Just want to test my dll project

Im having trouble with testing my dll project.  I have previously compiled my dll but now I am adding some functionality to it.  I am having trouble testing becuase it is using only the compiled version.  I want to be able to step through my code in the dll project..

This must be easy...
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gbarenConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1. Project Menu/Project Properties/Component Tab
set Version Compatibility to "Binary Compatibility" and select the previously compiled DLL.

2. File/Add Project/Standard EXE

3. Right-click new project and make it "Start Up"

4. In the new project Project/References add your DLL

5. Write code in the EXE project to test your DLL. You can set breakpoints and watches, etc. in the DLL project.

Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
From the File menu, select "Add project" and select "Standard EXE". Now right-click the new project and select "Set as startup". You will be able to debug your DLL.
kiprimshotAuthor Commented:
I have done this already...the project only uses the compiled version of the dll..  I do not want to recompile a new dll every test..

Am I doing something wrong.  It seems as though this worked before.
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If you want to debug your DLL, you  have to set a reference to that DLL thru Project/References and do the same as emoreau has mentioned. You will be debugging the DLL that is part of the project group you are testing from
You're almost set up correctly...
In the projects/references menu, un check the dll and click OK.
Then select projects/references again and hit the browse button.  Find the vbp file for your dll project and select the VBP instead of the DLL
Did you deregister your dll from the registry? If not try and check again.
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