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Unhide DB Window in ADP

So I have this crazy Access ADP file--

The Network Admin moved the server on me.. (without any notice)

I had the DB open up so that it wouldn't show the DB window.

Now when it opens; it doens't give me the option to change the DB Connection settings..

So all my work is going down the drain..

I really wish that i had more points to offer..  but this really is kindof an easy one, right?
1 Solution
AAMFKAuthor Commented:
just a little more info--

basically the ADP just hangs when I open..

Could it be the the VBIDE is corrupted on my machine?

Could the VBA Project for this DB be corrupted?

Just hold the shift key down while you open it. It should bypass the autoexec or your startup form.
AAMFKAuthor Commented:
It hangs when it opens that form; and normally it should take me to the DB window; but now it won't even do that--

it just hangs..

i can't cntrl+Break out of it--  holding down shift doesn't help--

it just sucks and its' broken..

i can't import all of the objects into a new ADP..

its' just broken and it sucks _bad_
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See if the Network Admin will move (or copy) it back to its original place long enough for you to try a recovery.

AAMFKAuthor Commented:
the server that it was on was formatted and Pervasive SQL is not setup on that machine (with the payroll DB)

yes, it is a sore subject--  and i don't want to talk about it much more...

but i don't think that its' possible..

i attached the MDF to the other server; and it seemed like everything was almost back to normal..

id like to rename the NT name on one of the other servers; and then reinstall SQL Server--  but thats' a little more complicated than what im really trying to focus on right now..

now i just can't change the connection on the ADP to the new server...
AAMFKAuthor Commented:

im sorry--  i have tried holding down shift when i open/hitting cntrl+break--


mebbe I need to go in my registry and change something?
as for the database window, F11 is the "special access key" for the database window. i don't know if it'll work if shift didn't work, but it's worth a go...

on a side note, if it's an access adp, doesn't that mean hat all the items use a connection to get at the server data?  can't you just change the ODBC DSN to match the new server without any hassles???

Hmm, what if:

1. you create a new ADP and connect to the database, then you will have your tables, sp's , and all the SQLserver stuff.
2.Import all the form,reports modules etc.. from your "corrupted" ADP into the new one.

you should be up running again, with a new fresh ADP


AAMFKAuthor Commented:
It won't let me import from the old ADP.

It just hangs when it starts to import objects--

im just gonna have to go to an older version...
AAMFKAuthor Commented:
Although it didn't help (I had tried that on a half-dozen different operating environments already); it was the best answer..

I do end up doing that whole new DB; import all objects thing probably a half-dozen times a month..

And I highly reccommend doing it whenever you have a problem..

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