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Establishing a link

Hi here's the problem

I have 2 routers 1x 3com isdn router and 1x danube, some one installed both for me 1 with the ip address and 1 over an isdn line so so i can bridge. The problem is that I can connect to the router at the main site which the server is through the router but not browse the network, how can i correct this. Should I have 2 ip addresses on both routers? I dont entirley know I am not the best on routing can anyone help me with a set-up.
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If you can connect to the server, then your routing is OK. If you mean 'browse' in the sense of using Network Neighborhood, that is a function of NETBIOS name resolution. There are a couple of ways to get going in this direction.
1. WINS. Enable WINS server on your server, and point all workstations to that IP address in TCP/IP properties.
2. LMHOSTS. Create a LMHOSTS file that has all workstations' names/addresses listed and import the lmhosts file, or use it across the network.
3. Setup an NT server on your side that maintains the browser list, and it should exchange broswer lists with the server on the other side. You may need to setup domain trust relationship..
If Irmoore didn't solve the problem with his answer, try providing a few more details.  Are the routers on the same subnet?  

Give a description of your setup, naming the routers and showing the complete IP configuration including subnet masks and gateways.  

For example:
Router at main site = 3com
3Com Lan1 setup
IP - /26
Mask -
gateway -

3Com Lan2 setup
perfectpcAuthor Commented:
Well this is what I am confused about, the branch and the main site are both on the same subnet but the guy who put them in used and on the other. I thought they both needed to be in the same range, basicly what i want them to do is be like a bridge but oviously they need to route because they are on a isdn line.

Well, let see if I undestand your problem, you have 2 routers linked by a ISDN line, theese routers have two IP address in differents subnets, that is right because they are not in  the same collision domain.
I am guessing that the ip that you write are the the external ip address (router ethernet adapter's ip address). Now, if you have access to the server on the other side of the link, and not to the others devices, the problem could be the default gateway in this devices.
I means is possible that your server has a static route to forward the traffic, but your devices have not it or that they have another one.
In the first case, you have to configure the defaulf gateway with the ip address of local router. If the case is the second you have to configure a static route in the default gateway which you devices have configured, pointing to the ip address of your wan router.
I hope this helps you.
perfectpcAuthor Commented:
Thanks that seems to work okey
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