How useful is Microsoft Certified Professional certification ?

I'm trying to find a job in the US as a Web developer.
I have a 10 month programming curicculum  and 4 months of work experience. Will Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (or any other of MS) certification have positive effect on employer's consideration of my skills?
Thank you.
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FenmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Any certification helps.

The key things I look for when hiring a junior developer are:

* Willingness to learn (must have an understanding that the qualification does not make one an expert)

* Persistence (seeking after continued certification and qualifications)

* Communication skills (no amount of technical know-how can compensate for an inability to communicate - also good communicators tend to write more suitable applications that are easier to maintain.)

* Technical skills (technical testing is not always possible and so passing exams of a known standard can give a good indication)

Of course there are a number of other things as well - many for individual requirements.

You can expect the market to be competitive, but that should bring out the best in you. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Be positive but not arrogant and keep on trying - you'll get there in the end.

Job scenario in US not not good. Even for entry levels they ask for 2 years experience.

MS Certification certainly helps and is + side. But Market condition is bad. What are the other software skills you have?

All the very best for Job Hunting !!!
Whatever you decide to do...any certificates that you can get....get them (that's my humble opinion)

Making the exams that get you the certificates always contributes to your learning process and the fact that you have taken on these tasks can show your future employee that you are a keen learner and competent depends on the job you want obviously, but MCP exams are often valued highly....I say you go for it...

And yes..also from me...good luck on the job hunting...

What Kind of Coding Program is Right for You?

There are many ways to learn to code these days. From coding bootcamps like Flatiron School to online courses to totally free beginner resources. The best way to learn to code depends on many factors, but the most important one is you. See what course is best for you.

Please note that an MCSD or MCP gives you a certain status. And that status can show your skills in certain development areas including the understanding in those areas. If you can show that to your future employer then that employer has a better view of you, and if he / she really wants a new programmer he'd probably choose for someone with more skills. However, assuming that prashant_n_mhatre is correct about the job oportunities being bad in the US, then a skilled and certified programmer might not be the first choice for an employer. A certified programmer costs more money than someone who isn't certified.

When a company is looking for a new programmer that company will definitely take your certifications into the evaluation of your person, and in that case it will help you a lot. If you are writing resumes to future employers then you wll be in a worse scenary, because they are not directly looking for a new programmer and then you might just cost too much.

Certification gets you job (boring).

Put up a nice web page, use all your talents. Show what you can do. That should suffice as it would be available anywhere. Do not neglect to improve your personal capabilities, the technology and techniques desired are changing constantly. With your own homepage, you can solidify a sense of stability.
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jenemirAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everybody for the support.
Anytime jenemir...

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