Basic Question: Combo box won't show list when click the arrow


  I added a Combo box from Visual C++ toolbox to my dialog and created a member variable (CComboBox m_MacCombo;). In OnInitDialog(), I added two strings to the combo box
(m_MacCombo.AddString("Test 0");
 m_MacCombo.AddString("Test 1");)

  I expected to see two strings when I clicked the arrow on the combo box. But nothing showed in the combo box. Do I need to do something else? Thanks.
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I tried this out and I only got nothing in the combo box when I did not add the call to the parent function
CDialog::OnInitDialog();  into my OnInitDialog before adding the two strings to the combo box...

so make sure you have something like this:

BOOL CMyDialog::OnInitDialog
    m_MacCombo.AddString("Test 0");
    m_MacCombo.AddString("Test 1");

:) emily
qwang73Author Commented:

  Thanks for your comment. But there was a call to the parent function CDialog::OnInitDialog() in my OnInitDialog(). Actually AppWizard generated most of the OnInitDialog() code. All I did was adding those two lines.

  Any other suggestions?

Go to the resource editor and resize combo box's height.

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You can also use this code for resizing:

CWnd* pwndCombo = GetDlgItem(IDC_MYCOMBO);

CRect wndRect;

pwndCombo->SetWindowPos(NULL, 0, 0, wndRect.Width(), wndRect.Height()+50, SWP_NOMOVE);

qwang73Author Commented:

  That's it. I didn't make the combo box tall enough. Thanks for your help.

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