RS-485 communication with delphi 5

My project is to print to 3 ink jet printers, which are connected to RS-485 network. Do you know any suitable components to use with delphi 5. I would also be grateful for any example code.
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TOndrejConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to and download RS-485 driver and source code example in C. You can also find RS-485 specs on that site.
Are the printers installed in Windows (sorry but networks aren't my thing)? If they are then you should be able to simply send the document to each of the printers installed by using the PrinterIndex property of TPrinter

FOR iCount := 0 TO (Printers.Count -1)
  PrinterIndex := iCount;
  //Print the document

The Neil =:)
sahkofinneAuthor Commented:
The printers are not istalled in windows.
They are special ink jet printers which prints article number to products, which are made in production line.
Each printer prints different article id.
I shoud send new data to all printers about every second.

I have done this before with RS-232 (one printer) interface but I don't know how to use RS-485 interface?

I find the easiest thing to do with RS-485 to PC connections is to buy a cheap 485/232 adapter, and access them via RS232.  This is an easy way to go, especially if you don't need multipoint or long distances.
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