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How to convert exe to Source code?


I am try to run exe file but its give me the following error.

The application failed to initialze properly(0xc00000ba). Click OK to terminate
the application.

The exe made from VB code. so is there any option to get the source
code from the exe file.

waiting for your reply.
1 Solution

you can get a disassembler to read the code but that will only return it back in assem laungauge.

you need the orginal source code which was compiled to EXE

search the internet for VB EXE disassembler.

But you need to know how to read this, I don't think it will help you either, because you still will not be able to debug the error.

I also don't think that the error your quoting is anything to do with the actual code itself.

Ill leave this question open for experts, but you may find they will agree with me.

points for the advice would be appriciated.

Well which version of VB are you using???Actually what you want to do is known as decompiling which was possible with VB versions 4 or below & i don't think its possible for version 5 or 6
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Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantCommented:
Do you get this problem, running other EXEs also? May be you could try re-installing Setup Program and try.


Here's just a little history... : )

I used to look around for decompilers for VB 5.  The most advanced that I found was a VB3 compiler (somewhere last year).  On top of that, it was full of errors.  It crashed immediately after installation.  So... the whle thing failed before I could decompile my first VB3 exe.

I tried many other decompilers for VB version 2,3,4 and all of them still crashed the same.

This is what I found out during my hunt for decompilers:

Decompilers are harder to write than an assembler/compiler.  Last yar, there were only about 2-3 active web pages offering decompilers (of which I forgot).

Bottom line: Forget about the decompiler thingy.

That's it!

glass cookie : )
The best you can get when converting an executable into VB is a horribly inefficient set of elementary commands with arbitrary variable names and lots of GOTOs.  It will contain no documentation, and the person trying to interpret it had better know something about how assembler works or you probably couldn't make head or tails of it.
You can try using SmartCheck from www.numega.com, which could be useful in your case. It allows you "almost" decompiling VB EXE.
You must run your exe inside SmartCheck and it will display appropriate VB commands/events as your program executes. This way you could figure out WHY is it crashing (which command he tried to execute).


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