Migrating from D4 to D6 (Standard edition)

Hi experts,

will there be problems with my projects which I created with Delphi 4, if I update toDelphi 6. Will for example Delphi 6 recognize the old *.dpr files?
Are there any known problems which might occur if I update?
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GwenaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well one thing you might keep in mind is the difference in the
right to distribute your applications... D4 allows for commercial
distribution of your work... I have heard that D6 standard (99$)
has restrictions on this :-(
really gwena?
Hi kretzschmar :-)
  That's what I have heard... I wish someone would
come forward and tell me I heard wrong... I'd like
to get D6 standard....
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yep it seems to be true,i downloaded the feature matrix a few weeks ago and on the very last line of the feature matrix it says:
"Commercial development license for professional software sales "

and only Enterprise and Proffesional are ticked not personal edition ..

so its pay either $399.00 to Upgrade from any Borland Delphi Professional Product or for a New User $999.00 !

my conclusion is this must be regathering development costs spent on kylix and d6 last year ;-)
If I was sure you could distribute non-commercial
freeware with D6 standard I think I would buy it...
distributing freeware is really all I'm interested
in anyway.... anyone see anything one way or another
re freeware and D6 standard?
I also read that you cant sell your works made with D6 Standard, but I dont recall seeing anything about freeware.  I dont see why they would care since its not like we are making a profit by using their cheepie edition.  But whether they do or dont care, I plan on distributing my freeware either way :-)
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