New Build P4 boot up problem

I just built a P4 System witht the following:

                     P4, 1.4Ghz (Verified OK)
                     4 64Meg Rambus memory sticks (Verified OK)
                     Hercules Prophet III (GeForce 3) (Verfied OK)
                     Asus P4T Motherboard
                     ATX 300W power supply
                     30G Western Digital HD


 Systems fans and board turns on (board light on), but nothing to the monitor.  Hard drive light is on,
 but doesn't appear to be accessing.  Verified that the CPU, memory and graphics card is functioning
 with another system.  Any ideas?

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slink9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Verify that the memory and video card are seated properly.  If they are, I would suspect the mobo itself.  If you know that the cpu, mem, and video are okay and the only other thing you have on the system is the floppy and you still don't get video then the only suspect is the mobo itself.
Yes, my first thought was also the AGP card wasnt seated all the way down. On my system (first personally built) I thought I had it seated all the way down, even pushed hard enough to the point I though I could break it, hehe. Then at a friends house, he checked all the cards and when he pushed on the AGP card, snap... went right in (the good kind of snap).

Heres a question though? Does the system even post? (The "beep" after turning it on) Is there a system of beeps like 3 beeps in a row?
CH53ADAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for the quick response.  I am suspecting the motherboard also, although it is my second ASUS P4T, and I have built two other systems with ASUS boards, and have had real good luck.  The system does not beep or post at any time, the floppy drive light stays on though.  I think I will try replacing the MB one more time.   I will let you all know the results.  Thanks again.
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Is your RDRAM terminated properly - do you have terminator sticks or do you just have 4x64 MB sticks?
CH53ADAuthor Commented:
I have 4 64MB RIMMs.  All slots filled.

  Has anyone else had any problems with ASUS P4T boards?
Maybe I'm wrong here but I'm nearly sure that you have to have special terminator sticks  to stop the rdram from overheating...

I'll look into this and get back to you.
Oopps - wrong about that - only needed if you had free slots...
Remove all extraneous cards and try booting.  Also, you might want to try booting with the motherboard removed from the case it was in.  I have seen cases where the mounting screws didnt all line up with the mounting holes in the motherboard, and caused the motherboard to ground out.

Have you checked that all the jumper settings on the mobo are correct for the CPU, I have come across a couple problems like this all it was is that one jumper setting was incorrect or I had the CMOS discharge shorted, give it go,
I would make sure that the cpu is seated, if not, you will not get any post beeps
along that line, if you pull all the memory and boot, do you get any post
or, if you pull the video card, do you get any post beeps

if no beeps, 180 the connector for the speaker and try all the above again
All these other ideas sounded good to me, but when I am troubleshooting a problem like this, I usually take EVERYTHING I can off the computer. Leave only the motherboard, soundcard, and HDD (you know, the curtails must stay... ie: ram and so forth). But remove the video card, any ?extras? you might have not including the sound card, you'll need that for post beeps. Try booting the system. I know somebody else asked if you got any beeps, but try again. Check the fans. Are they getting power? Have you ever considered testing your system with a new monitor? Just a thought....

Take the sound card out. The post beeps come from the case speaker, not the speakers attached to the sound card.

I like oldgreyguy's tip about reversing the polarity of the speaker leads. This could both cause the speaker to not work, and fault the motherboard.

If no luck with the above, try reseating the RAM, but put some support beneath the slots (hard rubber or pieces of garden hose cut crosswise to form donuts the correct thickness). Any warping of the board when inserting the chips could cause an improper seating of the modules, or could work one out when putting a second or third in. Start with just one module. If you get a post, add others one at a time.
<The system does not beep or post at any time, the floppy drive light stays on though.>

Try disconnecting the floppy drive (both power and data cable). Reversed cables on either could cause this to happen. If the power is reversed, your floppy drive is likely fried and may be shorting the motherboard.
CH53ADAuthor Commented:
The answer.

Thank you all for your comments.

 When you buy components from a shop in the USA you assume, at least I did along with a few others, that the items would be configured to operate in the US.  I bought a case at a local discount parts supplier, assuming (incorrectly) that the power supply was configured properly.  Well, it wasn't.  It was set to 230W vise 115W.  When I set the PS to the proper setting the MB still didn't operate.   I assumed (this time correctly) that it was damaged. Once I exchanged the MB, and ensured the PS was set properly, it booted up just fine (Boy, did I feel dumb).  There seems to be enough safeguards in the MB that none of my other components were damaged.

Moral:  Don't assume anything.  My only consolation for making such an error is that others, with far more build experience than I, have made the same error, and that since no comments were received suggesting to check the power supply settings that maybe others may have made the same assumptions.

Thanks Again, your help was most appreciated.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Since you resolved the issue yourself, please delete this question, or accept one of the comments above as an answer.
This helps keep the EE database cleaned up a bit.


Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
I had the exact same problem with the last system I built...I was about to pull my hair our after exchanging the PS twice! heh heh...

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