Excel in netscape

I have provide a link of excel file in html page.
That link works fine with IE  & opens file in right format. But with netscape that file opens but the format of the file looks like a txt format not a excel file.
So how to open a excel file in netscape ?
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egbservicesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nearly everybody uses Adobe Acrobat Reader and if not they can download it for free. Therefore the best might be to convert your Excel spreadsheet into a PDF file. If you have no tools to do that you can use a web based service...  http://www.ps2pdf.com/convert/convert.htm

Webwoman is quite correct... I don't have MS Office with Excel, Power Point, Word, Access, etc. on my computer at home... ;-)
Don't forget Excel is a MS product and therefore IE compatible. NS is not MS and therefore Excel is not NS compatible. Goto http://www.jcsoft.com/docobject/ and get the JC_ActiveDoc(TM) is a Netscape Plug-in that allows you to view Micrsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint right inside Netscape.
However, be aware that not everybody is going to have (or will want) that plug-in. And not everybody will have Excel.
dubey_shivendraAuthor Commented:
so whats the solution other then plugin
Thanks dubey and good luck... ;-)
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