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Hai all,

We are using DB2 database as our backend database. In this database i have a table that contains three columns.
First column is name of type varchar,
Second column is phnumber of type varchar,
Third Column is ctime of type timestamp.
With this table i want to insert persons name and phone number through the program which i am using and the third field has to be updated with the current time stamp automatically. I know to insert first two columns.I know it is possible with TRIGGERS.but i dont know how to use triggers.i am very new to TRIGGERS.
Please help me out with this regard.



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missionImpossibleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
CREATE TRIGGER TriggerName AFTER insert ON yourTable REFERENCING OLD AS inserted FOR
EACH ROW MODE DB2SQL  BEGIN ATOMIC UPDATE yourTable SET ctime = CURRENT TIMESTAMP where name = inserted.name; END

For general syntax of triggers show in IBM-DB2-helpsystem
naga1979Author Commented:

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