std namespaace and fstream.h

When using :
"using namespace std" and fstream.h I get the following error:
"ifstream:ambiguous symbol"

Anyone have a clue Why?
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IainHereConnect With a Mentor Commented:
BTW: fstream.h is included only for backward compatability, all new C++ programs should only use fstream.  Table 11 in chapter 17 of the C++ standard draft (dec 1996, most recent I can find for download) lists the 32 standard C++ headers.

The std namespace is used in the C++ headers, not for the C ones.  Hence the problem you saw.
#include <fstream>
instead, because it's the standard C++ (different from C header file).  This should fix the problem.
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This is caused because header files with the ".h" extension have the functions and classes in the global namespace, and extension-less header files use the std namespace.
If you mix extension-less header files with *.h header files, and use "using namespace std" the compiler will see two sets of the same declarations, and will not know which one to use. (ambiguity)

For this to happen it doesn't require you to mix both <fstream> and <fstream.h>.  You could be mixing <fstream.h> and <iostream>, and you will still get the "ambiguity" error.
Assume  you put   "using namespace std" in code and the code has a identifier "ifstream".

The compiler tries to understand what "ifstream" means  in your code.
whether It is std::ifstream or ::ifstream ?

It is easy for compiler if your code and  the header files in your code have
only std::ifstream or have only ::ifstream.

However,the compiler can not decide what "ifstream" represents for when your code
and your header files have both std::ifstream and ::ifstream. In this case,  "ifstrea"
is an ambiguous symbol"

For solving this problem, you need to help the compiler understanding what you mean
when you use "ifstream". As previous comments, don't use fstream.h is
the easy way for fixing this bug is. However, if you still want to use fstream.h, you need
to put #include files and "using namespace std"  in correct order and
you need to specify to use std::ifstream or ::ifstream

The following is an example :

#include <fstream.h>
#include <fstream>
using namespace std;

void foo()
    ::ifstream  old_stream;
    std::ifstream  new_stream;

    // "ifstream:ambiguous symbol" if using the next line
    // ifstream ambiguous_stream;

The above code doesn't error when compiling.

Note : the following code will has error at compiler time because
 using namespace in incorrect order

#include <fstream>
using namespace std;
#include <fstream.h>


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