New AMD T-Bird Problems

Hello Experts:

I purchased a AMD 900mhz T-Bird yesterday and built the machine last night.  After a fresh install on Win98 SE, I was getting some strange results, such as registry problems, etc.  I checked the temperature of the cpu in the bios and it was running between 81 - 85 F, and the case temperature was 71 F.  This was after having the machine on for 30 + minutes.

Im thinking that I may have the voltages set incorrectly on the mainboard, as I have seen this happen in the pass, but don't know the voltage settings (I currently have it set to auto-detect).

Question is, what is the CPU voltage setting and the Vcore voltage setting for the AMD 900mhz T-Bird?


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pete1968_beConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Here is a link to the AMD website, explaining those things:,/?St=37,E=0000000000008324915,K=1756,Sxi=14,Case=obj(69)

Good luck,

81-85 F is pretty low.  81-85 C is meltdown; are you sure it's F?  If it is, then your temperature readings are all excellent and not the source of your problems.
escheiderAuthor Commented:
ya, I have pretty good ventilation in the case..two case fans, cpu fan, and power supply fan.

After I buttoned the case up, cpu temp ranges from 95 - 100 F.  Case temp is steady at 80 F.
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What makes you think there is a problem?
Your temps are very good, it sounds like you have good cooling system.

I am running a T-bird 900 and my Vcore is 1.81 according to the hardware monitor
CPU temp is 96f       rarely goes above 105f    
System temp is 93f
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
The registry errors may be caused by your memory timing...are you using PC133 or DDR RAM?  Is the system overclocked at all?  What make/model is the motherboard?  Did you install the VIA drivers (4in14xx.exe, should be on the drivers CD w/ the mobo).

escheiderAuthor Commented:
Well, Pete answered my question, but didn't solve my problem.  Turned out that the 256Meg Dimm I had was bad.  I replaced and have had no problems.  

I appreciate everyones input on this.


Sorry I didn't solve your problem, but luckily you found it yourself, for the rest I am happy I could have been of some assistance,


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