Conduit debuging with VB


i have downloaded the conduit development kit CDK402 with support for COM and VB development.  i am configuring the sample that comes with the CDK conduit for Memo application. i have installled the CDK. also i have desktop application and Palm emulator with ROM v3.3 installed. my synchronization between hotsync and palm emulator is running fine.

I followed the direction in the sample and configured the debug environment for the conduit for memo application that is i enter the path for the VB exe file. when i sync with the emulator, i got the error on emulator

Cleaning up Please wait

HotSync operation was interrupted. Some of your data was not backed up. For details top HotSync Log on the Hotsync screen.

I was expecting that the VB6 should run and then i select the SimpleDb project in the Tutorial Directory of the SDK.

Can some body help me.  Also if some body can give me a list of steps how to debug a conduit with VB and COM then i will really appriciate that

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offir_aConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, two things:
1: "- run the hotsync manager   hotsync -ic" - I don't use the "-ic", try not using it yourself.
2: You say you run the HotSync from the folder C4.02. The only problem is, the DLLs the HotSync manager uses are still those who sits in the C:\Palm directory.
I want you to try this: (don't worry - it worked fine for me... in the worse case scenario - you can always reinstall HotSync manager)
a: only to be on the safe side, make a copy of the C:\Palm folder of yours.
b: make sure the HotSync manager isn't working!
c: copy ALL the files from the C4.02 folder into the C:\Palm folder, overriding all the old files.
d: do all the things you did till now. There's a good change this would do the trick.
AND, your PC will now use the new HotSync manager, which is better... :)

Good luck,
Well, this works fine for me...
I've made all the steps from the help files, and it works well - opened the VB, I chose a project and then debugged the whole process.
I think you should specify the steps YOU did, and maybe then I'll be able to tell you where you might have made a mistake...

Good luck...
shahzad73Author Commented:
Okey here i go again.

-  Run the hotsync manager in CDK4.02 directory

-  Check and configure the palm emulator for hotsyncing
   with the hotsync manager it was fine and working

-  in the dir C4.02 i run the program condcfg.exe

-  Modified the entry for the creatorID memo. CLick the option COM Conduit COM client and then enter the full path to the VB6 program. then exit.(I also deleted this entry and add a new entry for a new conduit it still not work)

- run the hotsync manager   hotsync -ic
   (when hotsync manager run i got a message here which i can not understand message is    "Unable to find Dependency Walker' The program is included with the MS Development Studio 6.0 /or can be downloaded seperately from microsoft. please install this program before procedding) this message show up two times

- run the emulator and hotsync it. got the message on poalm emulator
Cleaning up Please wait

HotSync operation was interrupted. Some of your data was not backed up. For details top HotSync Log
on the Hotsync screen.

meanwhile conduit inspector capture this

Session log started.
HotSync operation started
 06/21/01 13:35:59
    calling Notify DLL 'npadntfy.dll' with method 'HS_Notify' code 0, userid 0.
HotSync Error:
An application failed to respond to a
HotSync notification. Please check the Palm Desktop for details.  (8009)
    calling Notify DLL 'npadntfy.dll' with method 'HS_Notify' code 3, userid 24892.
HotSync operation complete
 06/21/01 13:35:59
Session ended.

I hope this will help u. bacially VB does not run.


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shahzad73Author Commented:
thanks offir_a

i try this tomorrow morning  and it really worked and was fine. thanks u very much. man if u would like then can u give me your eamil address, as if i have any problems in future then may be u can assist me just like this one, belive me if it was on my own then i would have not done it in my whole life.

any way thanks again

shahzad73Author Commented:
can u give me another favour
i wany some utility which convert a desk top file(Access or comma delimited file) to the palm database what a Created ID. does conduits only require a Database with a created id or does conduits also require a application with the database. i know appforge whcih can do this job of conversion but i want some  samll desktop utility which does this job
Sorry I wasn't here for a while...
Well, I can't answer all the time, only in the small breaks I take from my work, so... Expert Exchange is the best way to communicate with me...

About the small thing you asked - I don't think I understood...

maybe you can post a new question with this topic - and I would really do my best to answer it.

I'm very glad I could help!
Good luck,
shahzad73Author Commented:
okey i have posted another message on the with the topic    want PDB conversion utility
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