Database design.

Hi all,

I have been working on one database for a few months now, but would rather work on a local copy, then replicate the design only (excluding my test documents etc.)
I am able to create a new copy of the database (design only) but I'm not sure how to create a design template.

I'd like to use the "inherit design from template" function to make sure the database always has the latest design.

Can anyone explain (step-by-step) how to go about this?

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You go to your local database.
Then you go to the database properties (File - Database -Properties)
There you choose the fourth tab, and select database is a template, and you wright the template name down.
Then you go to the other database who must inherit his design from the local database.
You go again to the database properties, and here you select Inherit design from template.
Here you wright down the same name as above.

That's all.
You go to your database on the server.
Now you can say File Database refresh/replace design, and you choose your local server.
He goes then automatically to your local database.

You can do it also complete automatically,but then you must be an administrator.
In the administrator, there's a task "Designer", and here you can say that he must every day refresh the design from your database on the server with your local one (remember maildatabase)

To create a design template follow these steps.

1. Goto Design tab of the database
2. Check the option, database is a template and give a name (say testTemplate)

To inherit the design

Select the db to inherit design and goto file..database..replace design menu. This will bring up the deisgn template dbs from local. Choose the appropriate server where you have the source template (i.e testTemplate). Then click OK and follow the prompts.

From now the template is bound to the database and whenever you have done any changes to template you just refresh the design by going to file..database..refresh design. THis is from clien for server you can use "load design" to update design

Check the help documentation for more info on design templates,

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