Win2k cd playre database

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Where's the cdplayer database stored?  Is it possible to export it or import to it?

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THe location of the database is as below

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\CD Player\DeluxeCd.mdb

To import it just copy this microsoft access database file and. To export over to another pc, just paste the database file to the exact location and overwirite it.

However if you dont want to intefere wit the existing cdplayer database. Here is what you can hdo.

1. Append the new copied database into the existing database. However you must konw how to use microsoft acess.

2. Redefine the cdplayer dsn. This can be done by the followng way:

1. Go to control panel.
2. Click adminstative tool
3. click Data Sources (ODBC)
4. Click on the User DSN Tab. Select Deluxe CD and click Configure
At the database option click select button and select the location of oyur copied database file. Now the cdplayer will refer to the newly imported database file.


If you are using Windows Media Player, the file menu gives you the option of Exporting the list to a file.
jelloAuthor Commented:

I'm using Windows 2000 professional
Microsoft CD Player
Version 5.0 (Build 2195: Service Pack 1)

There is no file option (unless I'm totally dense and missed it)

The CD player says "CD Deluxe."   it's black and has a rotary volume control.

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Why not download Media Player and use the export function?
jelloAuthor Commented:
That's exaclty what I needed. I'm familiar with Access and ODBC.  Thanks for the tip about redefining the DSN.

glad i could help here
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