Can I send a Windows message box from pl/sql?

I know I can raise an exception and have the message bubble up to the windows client as a message box to let the user know there is an error through pl/sql RAISE statements and exception handling, but how can I send a message box to windows if the process is successful?
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vanmeerendonkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
And the old fashion way: call a function on the server
that returns and errorcode 0 when correct and display an alert when the code is 0????
Are you running PL/SQL using the database engine or via another mechanism such as Developer 2000 ?
How ur sending the error message through the messaage box to the client.

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billgoughAuthor Commented:
PL/SQL on the database, not through a developer tool.
you can use raise_application_error function to raise an application error from pl/sql. i think you should be able to handle the error in the client like you handle any oracle error using the error number and message.
billgoughAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have used that in the past...for errors.

...however, using error handling when there isn't an error does not sound like a good practice to me, hence the call to see if there is a similar way to do it without using RAISE or RAISE_EXCEPTION_ERROR.
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