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We have an existing domain controller for the domain We wish to exchange this server for a new server. Both are running windows 2000 server. How can we set up the new DC with all of the old AD users, computers etc. We still want to use the domain name We have configured active directory on the new machin and all the users, computers, etc. have appeared however if we disconnect the old DC then the domain is no longer recognised (nobody can log on etc.). Any ideas?

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if the new server is already a DC, you have to move the roles and the GC and probably the DNS server.
please check KB Q255690 for it.

Use the DCPROMO command to promote the new server.  This is a good resource for this process.
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-There are 5 roles that have to be transfered to the new DC first... Domain Master,Infrastructure Master,PDC master,Rid Master, Schema Master.
-The article franka mentions is definalty the best source of info to perform the task..
-If you find the info unclear at certain steps of the proceedure...use your favorite search engine or coppernic & search for "how to transfer fsmo roles to another DC" , may 3rd party sites describe the process & some describe a little more detail & screen shots etc....
Kev_111Author Commented:
Thanks guys,

I've tranfsered all 5 of the roles to the new server and made it a Global catalogue. However, if I disconnect the old DC and then try to log somebody onto the network from one of the workstations It cannot find the domain, and so does not log on.

Do I have to demote the old DC to get it working? Any more ideas?

Do you have the DNS server transfered to the new server and the DHCP scope updated to reflect the DNS change?
Kev_111Author Commented:
I have a zone in DNS on the new DC that has all the correct entries (I.E the same as on the old DC) for the domain. DHCP hasn't been updated (do I need to if I don't has a DHCP server, and use all static IP addresses?)

Is this what you mean by DNS transfer? or is there a way to transfer it?

I have recently dicovered the following error occuring over and over again in the event viewers system log.

"The account identifier allocator failed to initialize properly."

However, it does not give a reason why? Has anybody ever experienced this?

Thanks again

-So you created another primary DNS server and the zone info is duplicated exactly...Good.
-Did you Move the dhcp server to the new server?
-Did you update the scope options to include the IP of the new dns server (leave old one in for now) ?

Kev_111 some details involving permissions & moving the RID master seem to have not been performed correctly or omitted ,this should explain to you what's going on with the error...
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