What is this "%" doing in this code and what is it called and used for in C++?

Posted on 2001-06-20
Last Modified: 2010-04-02
#include <stdio.h>
4:  main()
5:  {
6:     char  c, *ptr_c;
7:     int   x, *ptr_x;
8:     float y, *ptr_y;
10:    c = 'A';
11:    x = 7;
12:    y = 123.45;
13:    printf("c: address=%p, content=%c\n", &c, c);
14:    printf("x: address=%p, content=%d\n", &x, x);
15:    printf("y: address=%p, content=%5.2f\n", &y, y);
16:    ptr_c = &c;
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The % tells the shell how to interpret the item in the variable argument list:
%c means character
%d means digit (integer)
%f means floating point.

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Sorry, there's more.  The %5.2f means show 5 characters with 2 decimal places, and the %p means address.

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mnashadka earned 30 total points
ID: 6212523
Sorry, I keep doing this too fast.  They are format specifiers, and tell the compiler how to display characters.  C++ has shyed away from this a bit, preferring streams (this is from C), but there still are many times when this is more convenient.
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ID: 6212565
So where can I find th format specifiers? Are they in the header file?
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ID: 6213141
It is standatd format specification for the pronting out the variables of various types in various form. This used in printf(), sprintf()  C-functions.

In the first line, f.e.

printf("c: address=%p, content=%c\n", &c, c);

instead of %p will be printed the address of c variable,
instead of %c - its value.
So, %p means the address formar type, %c - the cahracter format type.
%d means the decimal integer number format,
%f is the floating point number format. %5.2f in your
code means that it will print the floating variable y, resting only first 2 digits after the point and the total width (number of digits, including the point) of your number is 5.

For more information see the microsoft site below.

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It called a modular. it is used in this case as a pointer reference. it formats the value to be out putted.
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